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We’ve gathered some of the most popular questions we’ve received. Hopefully this FAQ helps clarify any confusion you may have as you get and renew your license. If your question isn’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to give us a call directly; our phone number is to the right.

General Info

1. Does Charlie Krackeler need my CalBRE license #?

We do not; our forms ask for that as an optional field, purely for the convenience of managing customer records.

2. I lost my certificate. Can Charlie Krackeler provide replacements?

We offer duplicate certificates for $25. To order duplicates, please give us a call.

3. Am I allowed to practice if my real estate license is expired?

No, you cannot practice without an active license, although you do have a 2 year grace period to renew your license.

CalBRE-Related Info

1. How can I contact the CalBRE?

There are three main ways to contact the CalBRE;

  1. By mail – P.O. Box 187001, Sacramento, CA 95818.
  2. By phone – (916) 227-0899.
  3. For other detailed contact info, visit the CalBRE website's contact page.
2. Where can I get CalBRE forms?

You can get electronic PDF versions of CalBRE forms on the CalBRE website at

3. What are the options for submitting my renewal info and fees to the CalBRE?

You can either renew online ( or mail forms to the Sacramento CalBRE.

4. What are CalBRE renewal and licensing fees?

Since they change frequently, please contact the CalBRE directly for the most updated info.

Getting a License

1. Does Charlie Krackeler offer practice exams for getting a license?

Yes, we do in addition to a two (2) day live license prep (Crash) course (see our live seminar schedule) and the Vocabulary of Real Estate (a 12 Audio CD Set for Real Estate Exam Prep).

2. What do I need to get a real estate sales license?

CalBRE requires you to complete 3 statutory courses, including Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Principles (which are mandatory), plus an elective from the list of CalBRE approved statutory courses (see our Beginner Program for a prepared solution we offer to meet the salesperson license requirements). You may then schedule a date to take the state exam with the CalBRE. We ofer these courses on a self study basis.

3. What do I need to get a Broker license?

CalBRE requires you complete 8 statutory courses from the list of CalBRE approved statutory courses (see our Broker Program for the courses we offer to meet the broker license requirements). You may then schedule a date to take the state exam with the CalBRE. We offer these courses on a self study basis.

4. What’s the difference between “statutory” and “continuing education” courses?

“Statutory” courses are for getting a license only. “Continuing education” courses are for license renewal only. You can’t mix and match, so please note the difference!

Renewing a License (Courses & Programs)

1. What is the quickest, easiest way to renew my license?
  1. The Panic Renewal Program. This program combines online and in-person training/testing and mandatory self study periods spread out over a minimum of 6 days. Our full-day seminar includes review and testing for the five mandated courses, followed by two short online Consumer Protection tests.
  2. The Online Renewal Program. This program is online only (including all study materials, quizzes, and exams) spread out over a minimum of 6 days.
2. Can I still get all my continuing education credits done in one day?

No. CalBRE requirements now specify minimum study periods between exams, which is why all of our renewal programs require a minimum of 6 days to complete (CalBRE allows for a maximum of 15 study hours in any 24 hour period). Don't wait until the last minute; start your continuing education early!

3. Are the requirements the same for renewing a salesperson or broker license?


4. Are the requirements the same for renewing my license, even the first renewal?


5. Can I take statutory courses for license renewal?

No, “statutory” courses are only for obtaining a license. You must only take “continuing education” courses for license renewal.

6. What happens if I fail a test?

The CalBRE allows 2 attempts to pass each exam (70% is passing). If you fail both attempts, you are required to re-purchase the course in question.

If you purchased one of our renewal programs, failing a course does not mean you have to re-purchase the entire program; you can simply re-purchase the course(s) you failed.

7. Can I use the same completed continuing education course(s) to renew both my personal and corporate license?

Yes, but CalBRE will require two different fees.

Renewing a License (With the CalBRE)

1. What does the CalBRE need from me to renew my license?

They require proof of completion for 45 CalBRE-approved continuing education credit hours (48 hours for 1st time renewing Brokers), as well as payment of renewal fees.

2. Does Charlie Krackeler send my renewal info to CalBRE?

No, you are responsible for renewing your license. We provide you the certificate(s) of completion for continuing education courses, after which you must complete CalBRE renewal forms via the internet (CalBRE website) or U.S. mail. Do not send your certificate(s) to the CalBRE. Keep it filed for your own records.

3. Is there a grace period for me to renew an expired license?

Yes, two years.

4. What do I do if I do not renew my license prior to the expiration date?

You should renew ASAP. There will be an additional CalBRE late fee to renew if your license expiration date has passed.

5. If my license expires, at what point will I have to take the state exam again?

You have a 2 year grace period that commences on your expiration date. If you fail to renew during the grace period, you will have the take the state exam again.

6. If I renew my license after it expires, what is the commencement date and expiration date of my new license?

If you renew within the grace period, the commencement date of your license is the date your application is renewed by the CalBRE, and your license is good for 4 years from that date. 

7. How early can I take continuing education courses prior to my license expiration?

You can take them anytime during the 4 year licensure.

8. How soon can I submit my license renewal to the CalBRE prior to my expiration date?

The CalBRE will not process your renewal more than 90 days prior to your expiration date.