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The Broker Program (eBook) For the Real Estate Broker License

Looking to be your own boss? Get everything you need to be eligible to take the California Real Estate Broker Exam.
A broker license gives you all the benefits of a salesperson license and much more, so take control of your real estate career now with the Broker Program.

Courses Overview

Please note the following for taking the courses:

Our Course Offering

In order to sit the California state Broker exam, you will have to show DRE proof of completion of 8 Statutory courses and 2 years experience as a licensed Salesperson. The majority of licensed Salespersons have completed 3 Statutory courses. Please call DRE at (877) 373-4542 to find out which courses you have already taken, and then choose the 5 courses you have not taken from the following list:

Note that if you need fewer or more than 5 courses, please go to the Custom Order page.