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Custom Ordering A La Carte for Statutory Requirement Courses

Have you taken a few of the statutory courses already, or are you otherwise in a unique situation on your path to a real estate license?
Our custom ordering option allows you to choose virtually any combination of courses, supplemental prep materials, and live seminars to meet your specific needs.

Courses Overview

Please note the following for taking the courses:

Our Course Offering

Please choose the courses you’d like to take ($135 for each course):

Additional Study Materials

For supplemental prep ($115 including shipping):

This set includes Charlie Krackeler's weekend prep course recorded on 12 audio CDs, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and in the privacy of your home or car. The CDs cover pertinent topics that are tested on the state exam, including;

  • Property Ownership/Land Use Controls and Regulations
  • Laws of Agency
  • Valuation and Market Analysis
  • Financing
  • Transfer of Property
  • Practice of Real Estate/Mandated Disclosures and Contracts