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$149 renewal
Survey Course
45 Credit Hours
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⊕ Agency
⊕ Ethics
⊕ Trust Fund Handling
⊕ Fair Housing
⊕ Risk Management
⊕ Consumer Protection
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45hr Renewal
$65 all courses
45 Credit Hours
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⊕ Agency
⊕ Ethics
⊕ Trust Fund Handling
⊕ Fair Housing
⊕ Risk Management
⊕ Consumer Protection
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Get a License
$96 per course
College Level Course
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⊕ Real Estate Practice
⊕ Legal Aspects of Real Estate
⊕ Real Estate Finance
⊕ Real Estate Appraisal
⊕ Real Estate Economics or Accounting and More
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15 Credit per Course
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⊕ Agency
⊕ Ethics
⊕ Trust Fund Handling
⊕ Fair Housing
⊕ Risk Management
⊕ Consumer Protection
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Real Estate License Renewal FAQ

Renewing a License (Courses & Programs)

1. What is the quickest, easiest way to renew my license?

a) The Panic Renewal Program. This program combines online and in-person training/testing and mandatory self study periods spread out over a minimum of 6 days. Our live half-day seminar includes review and testing for the five mandated courses, followed by two short online Consumer Protection tests.

b) The Online Renewal Program. This program is online only (including all study materials, quizzes, and exams) spread out over a minimum of 6 days.

2. Can I still get all my continuing education credits done in one day?

No. The DRE requirements now specify minimum study periods between exams, which is why all of our renewal programs require a minimum of 6 days to complete (the DRE allows for a maximum of 15 study hours in any 24 hour period). Don't wait until the last minute; start your continuing education early!

3. Are the requirements the same for renewing a salesperson or broker license?


4. Are the requirements the same for renewing my license, even the first renewal?


5. Can I take statutory courses for license renewal?

No, “statutory” courses are only for obtaining a license. You must only take “continuing education” courses for license renewal.

6. Can I use the same completed continuing education course(s) to renew both my personal and corporate license?

Yes, but DRE will require two different fees.

Renewing a License (With the DRE)

1. Does Charlie Krackeler send my renewal info to the DRE?

No, you are responsible for renewing your license. We provide you the certificate(s) of completion for continuing education courses, after which you must complete DRE renewal forms via the internet (DRE website) or U.S. mail. Do not send your certificate(s) to the DRE. Keep it led for your own records.

2. What does the DRE need from me to renew my license?

They require proof of completion for 45 DRE-approved continuing education credit hours, as well as payment of renewal fees.

3.  Is there a grace period for me to renew an expired license?

Yes, two years.

4. What do I do if I do not renew my license prior to the expiration date?

You should renew ASAP. There will be an additional DRE late fee to renew if your license expiration date has passed.

5. If my license expires, at what point will I have to take the state exam again?

You have a 2 year grace period that commences on your expiration date. If you fail to renew during the grace period, you will have the take the state exam again.

6. If I renew my license after it expires, what is the commencement date and expiration date of my new license?

If you renew within the grace period, the commencement date of your license is the date your application is renewed by the DRE, and your license is good for 4 years from that date.

7. How early can I take continuing education courses prior to my license expiration?

You can take them anytime during the 4 year licensure.

8. How soon can I submit my license renewal to the DRE prior to my expiration date?

The DRE will not process your renewal more than 90 days prior to your expiration date.


"You get a traffic ticket and grudgingly go to traffic school. - The instructor changes your life! This delightful outcome from the dreaded CE clock hours is common when Charlie is at the head of the class. He cares, is hilarious and draws parallels that will allow you to use his information for real life real estate. He knows about that because that's his background!

- Walter Sanford - Chicago
Nationally known speaker and sales trainer

When I think "continuing education," I think Charlie Krackeler! He is smart, he is interesting, he is the best!

- Carol Burnett - Saratoga
Vice President, Alain Pinel Realtors

"Charlie is a gifted speaker. He has a way of taking any topic and making it entertaining and informative, I've spoken with many other speakers on many other panels. Charlie is definitely one of the best!

- Jeff Lerman - San Rafael
Real Estate Attorney

"I've renewed my real estate license with Charlie three times. He's an excellent speaker who has the ability to make even the driest course material interesting & entertaining."

Ray Brown - San Francisco
Co-Author of "Home Buying for Dummies, "House Selling For Dummies," & "Mortgages For Dummies."

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